Chronicle of exposition of ambassadorial speeches

  • А. И. Ахметжанова Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби


The problems of forming of order language of past centuries are examinedin the article. Study of history language, remains to date, by an actualtheme for linguists. Problems of collaboration between the states and theirconnections. The real work is the next stage in the deep study of initialperiod of history of the Russian state system and activity of separate centralestablishments. Strong internal organization always was for Russia theimportant and necessary condition of territorial integrity and development.Objective and certain research of centuries-old experience of organizationof management, in this case diplomacy of Russia, would in a considerabledegree promote to creation of theoretical and practical decisions for a helpto modern building of Russia. Also, examined political problems, standingbefore Russia, binding her to all international situation and determinedthe independent location in life of continent. Gradually there were preconditionsfor passing of Russia to new quality of great power.


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