Common motifs in the literatures of the eastern nations

  • П. Бисенбаев


In the eastern Kiss-dastans common traditional motif of love stepmother to the prince or to his servant. Many scientists-folklorists turning their attention to this motive, we know the story of «Shahnameh», dedicated Siyavush. However, still little is said about this motif in connection with the Kazakh dastans. The author draws attention to the ideological content and poetic system of this general epic motif of the «Siyavush» compared him with the legendary events of «Bloodline Turkmens» Abulgasim and motives Dastan «and Zhusup Zuleiha.» The article deals with the problem of literary and cultural influence, the nature of their artistic development, communications stories relating to the common motive to escape from death, is well known for ancient legends about Alp Er Tonga, according to the legend of the Kazakh Korkut and Oguz on Temrule. Undoubtedly, his works evoke the researchers search for and lead the readers, dedicating their new knowledge about the origin of the eastern Kiss and dastans.


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