Essay-etude study how genre structure of literary portraits

  • B. К. Bazylova Казахский государственный женский педагогический университет


In the article the essay-type essay as a literary genre structure portrait. Tolstoy's literary portrait of the writer recreates the look the way perceived and remembered him Gorky. History of the literary portrait of Tolstoy shows how there was a process of processing sketches into an artistic whole. Gorky's artistic skill as a portrait is presented as a synthesis of analytical and artistic principles. This extends the idea of the stylistic manner of late Gorky. This is a typical approach to Gorky's "sketchy" essay-narrative, it is a testament to the productivity of the development of a writer of his artistic structure. Essay-sketch "Leo Tolstoy" - a result of the processing of "impressions of being", which is seen in the form of short recordings - "sketches". They were later laid the basis for a writer of literary portrait of Tolstoy. Copyright consciousness becomes an object in the same image as the inner world portrayed. In the literary portrait of biographical and autobiographical beginning connected. This becomes the basis for the realization of a new type of biographical time, the function of which has been opened ancient novel.


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essay; two layers of time; the shape of the writer; artistic structure; the visual image