Structural and communicative organization of semantics ofexpression

  • Z. S. Egizbaeva Казахский государственный женский педагогический университет


Semantics as linguistic discipline is determinedby linguistics of text, from one side, and pragmatika withother. In the article some aspects consisting in the followingare studied : semantics is distinguished as a maincom
ponent is in the structure of expression, обозначамыйby language signs. A sign has bilateral essence, and one ofhis parties is presented exactlyby a value. Therefore the value plugged in semanticspierces all system of language, and a language is intendedfor communication of senses and their values, and all hisunits are provided with a value and serve t
he meaningfulelements used in текте. Scientists distinguish a dictionaryand his basic units as a starting point, which in thelanguages of inflexional type, for example, of Russian, thereare words//of lexeme. Words possess formal valencies;when these valencies will be realized, then before us arephrases. Their elements are signs and constructions, they are difficultsigns, but conformities to law of their forming andfu
nctioning at this aspect of consideration are determined byformal properties of words and constructions. The wordspe culiar to, along with formal, and rich in content valencies as a source of semantic limitations, i.e. it is ability of words of входитъ in one or another constructions, and also supportfor establishment of semantic interpretation of constructi
onsand expressions built on their basis.


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semantics of expression; situation of commonunication; system of language; isomorphism ofstructures