Ш, Садыгов The truth of Isa Muganna and the light of Huseyn Javid

  • Ш. Садыгов Национальной академии наук Азербайджана


In this article the similarity of the main ideological positions in the creativity of two outstanding representatives of Azerbaijani literature – Huseyn Javid and Isa Muganna is studied. The ideas about the Divine justice, the Creation of the world, a unitary ideology of Faith, introduced in dramas by Huseyn Javid and Isa Muganna’s creative work (II period) are considered in details. The author of the article underlines a very important fact – the creativity of both writers have definite general features. It is also pointed out, that in spite of differences in literary style and in trend, in which Huseyn Javid and Isa Muganna wrote, both writers demonstrate devotion to Sufism ideas and romantic ideals. All universal human values are studied through the prism of Turkic world outlook, the creative perspectives and ideas are confirmed by scientific facts.The following works are included for investigation: “Sheikh Sanan” and “Iblis” (“The Satan”) by Huseyn Javid and “Ideal”, “Gur Un” (“The Voice”), “The Hell” (“Jahannam”) by Isa Muganna. In the works listed above, the poetic means, nuances and overtones, used by the authors in mystic, religious meditations, descriptions are analyzed in comparative way. At last, in the article one of the key ideas connected with the development of Turkic peoples culture is proved.Key words: Huseyn Javid, Isa Muganna, religion, mysticism, culture, science.
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