С, Гaхрaмaнов Aзербaйджaнскaя литерaтурa в 1920-1930-х годaх

  • С. Гaхрaмaнов Нaционaльной Aкaдемии нaук Aзербaйджaнa


In the article the general appearance of 1920-1930s Azerbaijan literature, the principles of its division into periods, peculiarities as a whole period of literature history, the mutual relations of the literary movements of the period – realism, romanticism and surrealism have been investigated and analyzed from the new view. The objective scientific approaching of the independence period gives the opportunity to clear up the formation of each movement as a result of the historical necessity. According to the modern approaching the beginning of the 20th century the romantic-realist period of Azerbaijan literature surrounds the period from the end of the 19th century till the repressions of 1937. That is why the influence of the movements of the beginning of the century enlightenment, romantizm and realism stays in 1920-1930 years literary process. Especially during 1920s when the new ideology couldn’t win the victory the pluralism in the literary process makes this many-colouredness more obvious. The socialist realism activity method in Azerbaijan literature appeared in the second half of 1920s as the product of the new historical condition. Being as a real factor «The creature of October» has shown itself in Azerbaijan literature.Key words: literary-historical process, periodization, literary trend, pluralism, the creative method, literary society.
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