Р.М. Әбдіқұловa Портрет телімдері

  • Р.М. Әбдіқұловa КазНУ имени аль-Фараби


The article deals with the elements of artistic portrait in the poetry of akyns, zhyrau and in folk oratory, which is considered as a model of author’s (individual) oral literature. Expressive-emotional significance and symbols of dynamic portrait images in folklore are clarified in the context of the literary and linguistic analysis. Such authors as S. Kaskabasov, B. Maytanov, Sh Ibraev L. Yurkina are relied on these features in their research of ancient epic genre. The process of interpretation of the portrait in the oral folk literature is enriched by grotesque, which is used frequently in the oratory. Bases are also found in ironic sketches of oratorical utterance. They can be traced in oratorical tolgau and oratorical sermons. It is possible to talk about the subject’s categories, space and time, color and light, the historical features of the genre, interpretation and other general surprising and mysterious properties of the portrait element and semiotic meaning of a self-portrait in the zhyrau’s poetry.Key words: descriptive system, epic genre, imaginary portrait, portrait component, dynamic portrait, self-portrait, sculptural arts, the author’s oral literature, akyn (Kazakh folk poet and singer) and zhyrau.
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