Рaқыш Ж.С. «Қaмбaр бaтыр» жырындaғы әйелдер бейнесі

  • Ж.С. Рaқыш М.О. Әуезов aтындaғы Әдебиет және өнер институты


In the epic «Kambarbatyr» the system of women images provides specific description and revealing of the main character. Nazim in the epic is shown as the image of the beauty and betrothed who was chosen by the batyr and she is choosing a fiancé- batyr, so this is a heroic themeand courage of heroic epoch, and praise for the defender of the Motherland are in compliance with poetics of the heroic epic. Mother’s care for the batyr’s steed, friendly actionsof the sisters-in-law of the girls, their solidarity shows the character of clan and family relations.Choosing of the betrothed by the only daughter of the Khan, her claims to him (heroism), mother’s care for the batyr’s steed, mother’s blessing before going to the campaign, the echoes of ancient customs and rituals of matriarchy, are presented in all versions of the epic. The author of the paper focuses on these circumstances, and he has explores textual differences in the methodology of transfer of the batyr’s mother’s image, choosing of fiancé by the girl, the image of women in different versions of the epic. The research object includes the analysis of the image of women of the epic «Kambarbatyr». The methodological basis of the work includes textual, comparative-historical, typological methods.Key words: epic, heroicepic, women images, textual differences, motive.
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