Сaлхaновa Ж.Х. Художественный документaлизм в творчестве Герольдa Бельгерa

  • Ж.Х. Сaлхaновa КазНУ имени аль-Фараби


The article considers the specificity of the artistic documentary character in the novel of the Kazakh writer Herold Belger «The Wanderer’s House.» The author notes that the majority of novels, short stories, Belger’s essays are autobiographical, they thematically and compositionally unite documentary and fiction, reality and fiction, philosophical thoughts and sincere feelings of the author-narrator. In the work of H. Belger the artistic and documentary characters were inseparable, this synthesis of the writer provided an opportunity to express personal attitudes to historical events.The article reveals the signs of autobiographical fiction on the plot level, composition, chronotope, the system of the work images. According to the author of the paper, the novel «The Wanderer’s House» converges the main themes that preoccupied G. Belger throughout his work. The multifaceted novel with branched storylines, its peculiar composition, characters system had prototypes in real life. It raises the literary work to a new level of the artistic documentarism. The novel reflects the whole layers of history, including repression, war, labor army, post-war and contemporary reality experienced by the writer.Key words: autobiographism, historicism, artistic, documentary.
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