Солтaнaевa Е.М., Сaғындықов Н.Б. Жырaулaр поэзиясындaғы ұлттық идея

  • Е.М. Солтанаева КазНУ имени аль-Фараби
  • Н.Б. Сағындықов КазНУ имени аль-Фараби
  • Г.Т. Оспанова КазНУ имени аль-Фараби


In the article principles of an embodiment of national idea in the poetry of zhyrauare considered. It has been established, that the national idea is the precondition of national identity’s origin. In the article features of its embodiment in works of Bukharzhyrau, Umbeteyzhyrau, Kozhabergenzhyrauand Shalakynare analysed. The great attention is given a problem of reflection of national character, ethical standards of behaviour of each member of a society, aesthetic views of people in the artistic works. On the basis of the analysis of the Horde, khan, state’s images in the article it is proved, that the poetry of zhyrauhas been directed on strengthening of the state, the unification of the country and the preservation of the people’s unity.In the article comparison of national character Dzhungarsand Kazakhs on the material of Kozhabergenzhyrau’stale, which has participated in military actions and has described event of impacts with Dzhungarsas the witness. The ideas of the patriotism received reflection in this work and closely interwining national idea are considered.Key words: the poetry of zhyrau, the national idea, national character, interpretation, outlook of Kazakh people, norm of behaviour, national spirit.
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СОЛТАНАЕВА, Е.М.; САҒЫНДЫҚОВ, Н.Б.; ОСПАНОВА, Г.Т.. Солтaнaевa Е.М., Сaғындықов Н.Б. Жырaулaр поэзиясындaғы ұлттық идея. Eurasian Journal of Philology: Science and Education, [S.l.], v. 165, n. 1, p. 100-105, feb. 2018. Available at: <http://philart.kaznu.kz/index.php/1-FIL/article/view/2073>. Date accessed: 22 oct. 2018.