Дәулеткелдіұлы С. Қытaй қaзaқтaры aудaрмa әдебиетінің өткені мен бүгіні

  • С. Дәулеткелдіұлы Іле педaгогикaлық институты филология институты


Considering the issues of formation of the Chinese Kazakhs’ translation literature, the author discusses the main features of the translation of literature, about the work of literary translators, about the best translation works, notes some of the results of the translation of creativity in the aspect of translation criticism. Translating literature is pretty broad concept. It cannot be treated on a par with literary translation. Although these two concepts seem similar, in fact, literary translation only covers the artistic creativity translation. A translation literature is a whole scientific system and it consists of four parts, such as translation work, history of translation, translation theory and translation criticism. Through the translation work of art created by the transfer is in the language of a nation’s literary work into another language of the nation, which requires a great deal of responsibility, strict criteria and high taste.Key words: translation literature, national literature, literary translation, Chinese Kazakhs, literary theory.
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