Aйнaбековa Г.Б. Прозa В.Ф. Михaйловa

  • Г.Б. Aйнaбековa КазНУ имени аль-Фараби


The article refers to the literary process of Kazakhstan of XXI century of modern Russian literature of Kazakhstan. About the founders of Russian literature of Kazakhstan. On the change of genres, motifs in contemporary Russian literature of Kazakhstan. The analysis on the documentary story VF Mikhailov «Great jute». The fact that this book is the first, which was written in Russian about the terrible tragedy of Kazakhstan. The fact that this tragedy has affected not only the Kazakh people, but also many «special settlers», referring to the Kazakh land – Russian, Ukrainians and other nationalities. Also, the book reveals the fact that hunger was made by hand, that is to say, it was the result of violence.Key words: literary process, genres and motifs, great jute, special immigrants and hunger.
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