Есиркеевa Д.A. Гaзетный текст кaк объект лингвистических исследовaний

  • Д.A. Есіркеевa Кaзaхский нaционaльный педaгогический университет им. Aбaя


It is known that mass media play an important role in the life of society and reflect public opinion, thereby contributing to the formation of the social orientation of people. In addition, the newspaper text is the object of linguistic research, since it is combined with other components of the media (magazines, radio, TV, online edition) and is a repeater of «linguistic flavor» of society. This is inherent in the universal qualities of newspaper text (mass, regularity and relevance of the information content, lack of social restrictions, territorial unlimitedness, etc.), which enable it to intervene actively in the process of normalization and processing of the literary language. This article provides an overview of research devoted to the newspaper text in which this phenomenon is seen with from linguocognitive, psycholinguistic, linguopragmaticheskij, sociolinguistic and other positions.Key words: newspaper text, verbal communication, journalism, pragmatics, communication, language, cognitive, pragmatic, ideological and socio-cultural factors.
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