Arguments and facts in the nove by M.Auezov «Qily zaman»

  • Z.-G. K., Bisengali Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


The events of 1916 are a tragic story that happened in front of M. Auezov. The suffering of the elders and grandparents who did not want to send their children to the horrors of the war, their images, full of pain and sorrow, left an indelible mark on the writer’s spiritual world. He saw the throwing of the Kazakhs seeking an exit from the impasse, heard all the conversations that occurred in the country, and witnessed a number of events that simply did not fit into his head. M. Auezov frighten the predatory actions of the Russian government, far from civilizedness, sending meek people like the Kazakhs and Kirghiz to front-line operations, but secretly pursuing the goal of exterminating them. He’s pissed. The colonial policy of the Russian government awakened in him a thirst for revelation. Nevertheless, it became obvious that this policy can not be described in the usual way. Despite this, risking his life, he made a decision. This is how the documentary-historical novel «Kili zaman» appeared about the events of 1916.
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