Korkyt Ata’s speech

  • A., Nusipalikyzy


The article examines the tradition and teaching of Korkyt Ata. Councils Korkyt Ata played a big role in public life, which is widely perceived so far in people’s lives. It is noteworthy that Korkyt’s legacy of the heritage of the Crusaders is rare. Rhymes in proverbs are deeply rooted in a rhythmic sense, and rational thought has not yet lost its educational significance. Korkyt’s legacy is a powerful patriotism for our country as the intellectuals of tomorrow, that’s why every person should read the proverbs of Korkyt Ata and use them in his life. We must read the legacy of Korkyt Ata and set an example for our descendants to continue to have a decent future for our future generations and to have a worthy place in the history of human civilization. Recognizing Korkyt’s apprenticeship and considering them as an important tool in the aesthetic education of the younger generation, it is important to consider the most effective ways of using Korkyt’s training in educating the younger generation, realizing that this is a phenomenon of modernity and society.
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