Occurrence and the types of the substantivization

  • Zh.R., Amirova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


Occurrence of the Substantivization as one of manifestations of the language units transposition to noun category is long time topic of research of the scientists. However up to this moment there are disputable and debatable some questions of the Substantivization, as the identification of the nature and types of the substantivization. In this article reviews importance of the broadening definition of a Substantivization in Kazakh lainguage, not only confining with adjective and participle as in commonly accounting in a Kazakh philology. Article points that it relevant to differentiation different types of Substantiviziation to aims above. Reviews complete, occasional, elliptical, metasubstantivization and other types if substantivization in Kazakh language in instance of applying numerals and adverbs as the nouns.
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