Propositivity in the system of categories cognitive discursive knowledge paradigms

  • V.S. Lее Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


In article were considered theoretical and methodological questions of ontology of a discourse and its main categories. The central place in this system of categories is allocated to propositivity as a key phenomenon of discourse activity of native speakers. The propositivity is formed on the basis of the proposition which is syntactic unit of language. The provision on recitative function of a proposition at language conceptualization and a categorization of reality moves forward. The propositivity is treated in article as category and property of language by means of which categories of language correlate with the world of reality, with the world of human knowledge, beliefs, opinions which make the mental sphere of life of the person. The concept of propositivity is considered also as fundamental category by means of which in a cognitive discourse to a paradigm of humanitarian knowledge regulations on a direct connection of the world of a cognition and the world of a discourse are proved and verified.
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