The model of competence education in linguodidactic

  • Z.Kh Salkhanova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • S.E Tapanova Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


The subject of research in this article is the pedagogic category of competency. The objective isto prove thesis that it is competency that becomes objective and result of education in the context ofmodern educational system. This category is considered a component of structural unity: literacy –education (in terms of degree of education) – competency – culture – mentality. The author considerthat under the conditions of continuing education system – from primary school to higher education institute – the issues of goal-setting should be stated in regard to solidarity in tasks and sharedobjective setting – development of competent knowledge-carrier and competence of personality asan expected outcome. The paper deals with correlation of «competence» and «competency» notions;understanding of person’s «competence» as an acmeologic category and potential of intellectual andprofessional development of personality, characteristics of which are «competences», which shouldbe formed in the process of education as system new formations are established. Given this, «competences» act as integrated characteristics of education quality and graduates’ training, and the categories«competence» – «competency» are unity reflecting relation of «the potential general» and «the potentialparticular». The modern qualitative result of education is pre-singled out set of specific competencesreflected in competence-based model of education and graduate’ model, which correspond to socialorder. The advantage of competence-based approach in comparison with others is what its use makesit possible to socialize a person in the context of constant instability and development of society.
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