Koranic motives in a.S. Pushkin’s poetry

  • Zhapparkulova K.N. . Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan,


In article features of interpretation of some motives and plots of the Koran in A.S. Pushkin’s poetry on the example of a cycle of poems «Imitations Koran» are investigated Koranic codes of this work are analyzed. The subject of influence of east, in particular, Islamic outlook on Pushkin’s creativity began to be developed at the beginning of the XX century, but also to this day there are many not clear questions concerning interaction of the Russian culture of the first half of the XIX century and the culture of the East which affected not only on works of the great Russian poet but also on all subsequent Russian culture and literature. Article is devoted to the analysis of an image of the Prophet Mahomed in A.S. Pushkin’s creativity. The originality of perception and specifics of reflection of this image are considered, the complex of the related meanings and mechanisms of its interpretation comes to light. The special attention is paid to the analysis of this image not only in the religious plan, but also in culturological and philosophical aspects.
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