«Batyr Bayan» of M. Zhumabaev psychological direction in a poem

  • А. Nussip Казахский национальный университет имени аль-Фараби


We talk psyhologizm in poem of M. Zhumabaev «Batyr Bayan». Poem of M.Zhumabaev «Batyr Bayan» psychological poem. We investigate it process in this article. In this article I consider genre types of Zhumabaev's poems.In particular phsycological motives in poem "Batyr Bayan". I tried to explose characters' phsycological senses in the poem mentioned above. Also I point out portrait,landscape,the past characters' senses,phsycological parallelism,which face in poem "Batyr Bayan".It's said about author's professional craft.Zhumabaev's poems take high position in kazakh literature. It was nobody who deeply described the phsycological aspects in genre poems before him. M.Zhumabaev's talent and gifts bring novelty of phsycology in his poems.


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poem; genre; psychology; style; portrait; landscape.