Turk worldwide and cult of Umay Ana

  • Tymbolova A.O. Kaliyeva N. Kazakh State Women’s Teacher Training University, Kazakhstan, Almaty,


The article deals with the foundations of the mythical character of the Turkic peoples and the result of the Turkic worldview – the cult Umai ana. Based on the myths and legends associated with the cult Umai ana, which was known to the Turks of Central Asia and Siberia as «Umai ana», among the Uzbeks as «Anbarbar ana», among the Sakha people as «Ayzyzt», the image of the mother woman Umai in the Turkic worldview, the etymology of the word Umai are analyzed in the article. Taking into account the fact that the source of the basic principles of the Turkic worldview is faith in God, a survey is made of studies where Umai is regarded as God or the patron of newborn children, mothers and families.
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