Interposition separate similar attributes

  • N. S. Sanyarova Алматинский энергетический университет


This article deals with interposition separate similar attributes. Twogroups are distinguished according to their syntactic position in the sentence.The author of the article tells about the functions of defined words,pays attention to participle construction, expressed by adjectives, analyzesexpression means of defined words and their distributors, and reveals violationsin sequences of defined words and interposition separate similar attributes.In addition, the features of interposition separate similar attributesare highlighted – their bi-directional connection with a definable word andpredicate, which leads to adverbial shades. Ability of interposition separatesimilar attributes to form combinations with other kinds of attributesas well as non-similar series with nouns is shown. Particular attention ispaid to the punctuation of prepositive separate similar attributes, which arewidely used in punctuation options.


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interposition separate similar attributes; syntactic positions; expression means of definable words; distributors; bidirectional communication; adverbial shades; attribution series; optional and punctuation options.