Psychology of labor education in the Pedagogical heritage of K.B. Seytaliev

  • G. А. Abolova Х. Досмұхамедов атындағы Атырау мемлекеттік университеті


Formation and development analysis of young generation as an individual in proceedings of Seitaliyev K.B. is considered in this article. In Kazakhstan the main part of labour education is the problem of pupil’s social works in pedagogical theory. As Seitaliyev said, it is impossible to provide conscious undisciplined education and achievement of pastoral works, to build strong group, to reach rising of pupil’s morality, to respect and cultivate labour. Pupil’s development and formation related to their discipline, well organized and based on rising of cognition, effective lessons which taking into account their distinctions is indicated.


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character; education of the younger generation; personal characteristics; methods of promotion.