Symbolics and semantics of colours designation in crosscultural communication

  • S. M. Kerimova


Article is devoted to the description of a phenomenon of colours designation as element of a national mentality in different lingvokultura in which their knowledge and experience of certain people is most brightly shown. On the example of the comparative description of color symbolics in Kazakh and Russian the lingvokulturakh the distinctions caused by history of the people, their vital philosophy and mentality are traced. In article it is given interpretations of the traditional language formulas and expressions representing cultural symbols thus such description allowed the author to correlate cultural semantics of colours designation not only to the sociohistorical facts, but also to establish figurative and associative connection of the concepts of color caused by subjective and psychological and emotional factors. Special attention is paid on distinction of ethnocultural stereotypes in cross-cultural communication in the course of which features of national character and an ethnic origin of its participants are shown. In this regard in article contexts of the translation transformations allowing to define distinctions and similarities not only are given in the compared cultures, but also to establish the figurative and associative potential of symbolics of color


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cross-cultural communication; of colours designation; cultural semantics; cultural symbols.