Toponims of epic tale verse: legend and truth

  • Zh. S. Dauletbekova С.Ж. Асфендияров атындағы Қазақ ұлттық медицина университеті


In the article, literary character of toponimical informations of famous loorks indicates to geographical names. Relating to times long ago when writing wasn’t oliffuse, humanity passed names of area by verbal tale in verse. At the conclusion of scientists who have studied this problem for today imperfect capturing of historical truth are given to the wrong perception of the ideological content of the work students. For example, the name appeared in zhyre "Koblandy warrior" associated with the city of Kazan, on the banks of the river Edil led to understand the actions of the characters as the "Battle of Edil - Yaik." In the product names are land Alatau Kozdikol, Karaspan, Aris, Azula, Aynakol, Karasha tau as a place of public people Koblandy batyra. Also, there are Dakominy as the aforementioned city Kazzan. Syrly feces, feces Kyrlya mountain Kaskarlyk, Cuba lake, river Sarah, Sarah is white, Aksay, Ortobe, Mount altyndy. And there are place names such names areas in Kazakhstan: Arch, Ishim, Zhaik, Elek not directly related to the plot of these epics. We think that this problem requires more effort in the future.


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