Advertising Communication as a Matter of Language Policy: Axiological Aspect

  • F. G. Samigulina Южный федеральный университет


Functioning of the various kinds of stereotypes, which are compiled in a current advertising communication, specificity of their influence upon the mentality of the Russian linguistic-cultural community is explored in the
article. At present language turns rather into a persuasion than explanation tool. That’s why its function to influence is brought into the foreground. Previously the primary function of advertising messages was communication service of different society requests, implementation of operational communication between people and social institutions. Nowadays optional social activities often start to be formed under the direct impact of fashionable innovations proposed by massive advertising product. Mass media and advertisements acting as an integrated discourse not only display the economic peculiarities of the society development, but also bear influence on the mind of a separate language personality as well as on the mass culture as a whole and take part in its formation. Debates on the subject of media language, its state and its impact on the other means of communication prove that media language is tobecome the most important objective of linguistic-communicative policy. Therefore it is urgently topical to take ethical component in media communication into consideration, especially in commercials.


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association experiment; concept; aksiologichesky stereotype axiological linguistics.