The examples of morality in the epos «The path of Abai» by M. Auezov

А. S. Tarakov, А. S. Aytmukhanbetova


Although monographic publications and research papers were written about world’s prominent classic writer MukhtarAuezov’ s novel­epopee
«Abay’s way» in the Soviet times, valuable ideas are said about the historic work in independent times. Doctor of philological sciences, professor A.
Tarakov has made some investigations into artistic­aesthetics, public­social values of M.Auezov’s novel «Abay’s way» and analyses them in a scien­tific way, proves and investigates from the new point of view. The matter of humanity, traditions and customs of our ancestors and continuation of
them through centuries, respectful attitude between the people, behavior are considered in the article and all of them serve as a good example for
our future generation. The matter of behavior of the young in the times of scientist Abayis discussed. The respectfulness, humanity between parents
and children, the elder and the little are analyzed. A good manner gained from Abay’s grandmother, father, mother is praised to the sky for our gen­


novel­epopee; politeness; breeding; tradition; sermon; matter of humanity; greeting; composition; plot and details

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