The verbs with the semantics of aggression in the media in Russia and Kazakhstan

  • N. B. Itzhanova Кaзaхский нaционaльный университет им. aль-Фaрaби


The article deals with the semantics of verbs of aggression in the me­dia in Russia and Kazakhstan. It is a question of what verbs are used in igressii media. The fact that the main lexical content of the speech genreare verbs in the imperative mood, or in the indicative value of the impera­tive, non­literary as well as phraseological combination of youth slang, etc. And as the article cites numerous examples. Thus, comparing the results of the semantic analysis of verbs with elements of aggression in the mediaof Kazakhstan and Russia, and as a result shows that despite some differ­ences, in general, is characterized by the same.


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aggression; Kazakhstan; Russia; the media; semantic anal­ ysis; verb