Features of linguistic directions are in the study of language

  • Imankulova S.M. Ashirova A.T. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty, Kazakhstan


The authors of the article speak about linguistic directions and their peculiarities in studying the nature of language. They share their views about the prospects for researching this problem, if we consider closely related to humans life can be more productive. Linguists explain that in conscious of each person there is a grammar of his native language – mechanism that helps to speak correctly. They not explain how they made it up. This means that in human memory there is a hidden national code that the speaker doesnt even nofice. To uncover different aspects of studying language, author stops at several language concepts: structural, functional, generative and cognitive. The authors analyze the main research objects, services, functions and shortcomings6also the work of scientists who have studied in this area, and make conclusions.
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