The role of modern architecture in the synthesis of arts design and tapestry

  • М. F. Mukanov Казахская национальная академия искусств им. Т. Жургенова


This article is devoted to consideration of modern problems of interaction and art synthesis of architectural and spatial environment and design and gobelin (tapestry) art. The author analyzes the interrelations and contradictions taking place between these types of art and having paradoxical nature, and also the nature of their appearance. Thanks to technical progress and processes of urbanization, art of architecture and of design rapidly developing. At the same time technological and artistic aspects of creation of gobelins (tapestries) did not change in their essence since origin of this art form. The author comes to the conclusion: in the latest conditions gobelin (tapestry) art has to be changed, and, by searching new technological and creative decisions, to find a compromise with art of architectural interior and art of design. But along this way gobelin (tapestry) must keep a cultural emphasis of the national heritage and the author’s artistic style so as not to turn on the wall of a modern interior to a featureless abstract decorative spot


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monumental arts; contemporary tapestry; Kazakhstan; art textile; architecture; modern arts; design.