The specifics of the deer’s image creation in M. Zverev’s story «White deer»

  • Н. Н. Женис Kazakh national university named after al-Farabi


In this article discusses the features of animal image creation in Kazakhstan scientist-naturalist, writer M. Zverev’s work «White deer» as an example of animal genre novel and its correlation with the other works of Kazakh and world literature. It is generalized accumulated scientific experience in the field of typological studies of animalistic imagery. Also it is established that the animal genre is based primarily on a good knowledge of domestic and wild animals’ natural features, their «psychology», the special position of the author, the general humanistic orientation of the work. As part of a deep analysis M. Zverev’s story, it was proved that while creating animalistic image writer depicts not just a single episode in the life of a deer, but traces the whole life of animal in a chronological order. The life story or some facts from the animal life is the main sign of genre structure of animalistic works, the animal’s image which should embody its natural essence. Decisive importance in the main character, a white deer, creation has author’s narration, which includes animal’s appearance and behavior description, organically synthesizing scientific and artistic beginning. On the basis of the above it is made a conclusion that M. Zverev’s work characterized by a combination of elements of documentary, fiction and non-fiction prose.


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the author; animalistic genre; narration; animal; allegorical image; psychological insight; anthropomorphism