Nonverbal ways of communication and fiction

  • R. А. Mamedov Кaзaхстaнский инженерно-педaгогический университет Дружбы нaродов


The article considered with the nonverbal ways of communication problem. It represents the justification of the scientific project devoted to studying of nonverbal signs stylistic function in fiction. The author objecti­fies the thought that people and nation mutual understanding assumes not only learning of languages, but also understanding of the national­cultural codes giving information about native speakers and the available special ways of cross­cultural communication. As object of the research planned within the project is defined the nonverbal communication as a specific ethno cultural phenomenon, and as a subject – its national specifics in dia­ logue of cultures, in particular – the nonverbal means of communication reflected in works of Kazakh, Russian and English writers. Use of originals and translations of works, certainly, will form the basis of a number of con­ trastive aspects consideration.


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nonverbal signs; stylistic function; people and nationmu­tual understanding; native speakers; cultural national codes; cross­cultural communication; specific ethnocultural phenomenon; nonverbal commu­nication