Analysis of the results of the winter session of the 2015-2016 academic year of the foreign language on the Physico-Technical Faculty of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

А. А. Zhautikbayeva, G. А. Abdullaeva


This article describes the results of the winter session 2015­2016 aca­demic year of the foreign language among students of the 1st course of the Faculty of Physics and Technology. We discuss general requirements for evaluating the quality of knowledge. They should be the following: simplicity of design, the versatility of the methodological scheme, ease of formalization, relatively low labor intensity determination. In rating system control is not only a test of acquired knowledge and skills to use them, but also an important link in the whole chain of student education. It is an essential part of the learning and training process. The author analyzes the peculiarities of the technique of students training. The paper discusses the features in teaching foreign language. We suggest how to increase the effectiveness of the educational process.


session; foreign language; innovative technology; rating

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