Comparative study of Kazakh folklore and antique literature

  • A.T., Sadyrova Жетысуского государственного университета имени И. Жансугурова, Казахстан, г. Талдыкурган


The article focuses on antique literature and the study of the heritage of world literature on the specialties of philology, journalism, arts and culture, with reference to the fact that the ancient Kazakh heritage, the khan, the uisun, and the kypchak era are spiritual and deep-rooted spiritual artifacts. Studying the various aspects of the Kazakh folklore and antique literary heritage, the comparative teaching of Kazakh literature and antique literature in higher education institutions is a basis for spirituality, morality, respect for the national literary heritage and the history of literature and art is described. The current state of the Kazakh literature, its features, its spiritual heritage, its history, in many respects, are the most important factor in comparing it with the literature of other countries, since there is no less than any other literature. The comparative literature, that is the importance of thinking on the method of comparativism, the progress of the experimental studies are explained.
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