Results of the modernization of the higher educational system in Kazakhstan

  • G.K., Dossybayeva Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, Almaty


The willingness of RK integration into the world educational community, to acknowledgment ofour diplomas and our specialists in the countries of the civilized world make us analyze the US systemof higher education, reveal its peculiarities and pay attention to its positive sides. We should not simplyfix their positive tendencies in the practical work at the universities of RK. All mentioned above testifythe availability of contradiction of the need of RK to the world modern tendencies and real situation ofthis problem in the country. The given contradiction has determined the theme of my research: what arethe tendencies and peculiarities of the development of the higher education of the USA. So, the subjectof my research is the perfection of training and upbringing of the future specialists in the modern higherinstitutions of RK with the help of combined US experience.The maximum success in modernization of the higher educational system in RK can be achieved incase all program directions of the Government placed into educational policy take all the best possiblefrom positive potential of the US higher educational system in main directions: qualitative selection ofschool-leavers, qualitative teaching staff, high level of organizing of teaching process, finance provision,development of the infrastructure of the university. The analysis and study of literature on the given problem have revealed that in the Republic Kazakhstan different aspects of comparative pedagogics,methods of comparative and pedagogical researches, educational policy of the higher education are regarded in various works and researches. Alongside with it the problem of the quality of the educationalsystem of RK, tendencies of its reforming, the issues of globalization and integration, the development ofthe national model of the higher education are also considered in various scientific works. The detailedand full analysis in carried out in these works. The authors outline their vision of the national model ofthe education in RK which should take all the best from world experience adding local cultural and educational peculiarities. But in all scientific works the problems and importance of launching of advancedpractice and traditions of the western universities into local pedagogical practice have not been solved
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