Cultural symbolics of artistic images in translation interpretation

  • Zh. K. Kiynova


In article the description of cultural symbolics of artistic images is providedin original and translated texts on the basis of which comparison examples of translation interpretation of national and cultural symbolics reveal. On the example of the translations of classical and modern works of Russians and the Kazakh writers translation interpretation of cultural and historical information that demands difficult associative and semantic search of lexical means, application of reception of lexical modulation andthe historical and cultural comment is described. The special attention is paid to the symbolics of color reflecting a national and cultural mentality. In article examples of steady comparisons with epithets of color and ak (white) and a kara are given and analyzed (black) which have various connotations in the contextual uses. So, set expressions with an epithet and (white) symbolize good undertakings, event solemnity, prosperity and abundance. On the basis of the analysis of each fragment of the translated text, the author provides the comments concerning a reconstruction andadequate interpretation of cultural meanings in a target text


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cultural symbolics; literary translation; artistic image; translation interpretation; historical and cultural information.