Work on educational-scientific texts at the Russian language classes

  • R. S. Turebekova Казахский национальный университет им. аль-Фараби


The article deals with the features of the type of speech activity as reading. Students of the Kazakh branch of Natural Science faculties of the University, studying in the first year «Professionally-oriented Russian language», get the universal knowledge of the structural and semantic analysis of scientific text and the creation of secondary texts in written and oral form. Work on the analysis of scientific text is rather difficult, because there are students of different levels of proficiency in Russian. In this regard work for the development of speech activities become the most necessary, and especially – for understanding the content of the scientific text – work on the development of reading skills is the most important. The article deals with the main types of reading: learning, acquainting and viewing. Students are especially in urgent need of learning reading, which involves deep penetration into the text. This article discusses the difficulties of perception of the scientific text while reading and the process of extracting semantic information from the text. Reading, as a kind of verbal activity, and especially learning reading play a leading role in the structural and semantic analysis of the content of the scientific text.


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type of speech activity; grammatical material; studying reading; types of reading; analysis of scientific text; learning reading; the initial stage of learning the Russian language.